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Series NSA3000 Computer-based Complete Generator Protection Device Passed Appraisal for Putting New
Click:    Date£º2007-04-19

On March, 26, 2005, “Series NSA3000 Computer-based Complete Generator Protection Device developed by our Company passed the Appraisal for Putting New Products into Production sponsored by Jiangsu Economic Relation and Trade Commission and presided over by Nanjing Economic Relation Commission.

Series NSA3000 Computer-based Complete Generator Protection Device is a computer-based protection device with the advanced and perfect functions. It is mainly suitable to be used for various models of the steam-turbine generator set and hydroelectric generating set with a single-unit capacity < 300MW, and meanwhile, it is also suitable to be used as the protection for the large-sized synchronous motors. 

TCP/IP Protocol is applied to this product. After the secondary development, it can be run separately, independent of the operating system. TCP/IP Protocol is merged with the communication protocol of the relay protection device. As a result, the hardware design of the automation system is simplified and the communication efficiency is raised. The device has realized the simulative commissioning function of the integrated automation system to allow the commissioning of the protection functions to be separated completely from the commissioning of the automation system, so as to avoid the repeated testing work. 

The Appraisal Committee considers unanimously that this product has reached the advanced level of its kind of the products at home, and can pass the appraisal for putting into production.


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