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110kV Guandong Qingxi Substation passed Ex-works Inspection for Acceptance
Click:    Date£º2007-04-19

During the period from Sep. 1 to Sep. 8, 2005, NSA3000 Integrated Automation System for Guandong Qingxi 110kV Substation, which is supplied by the cooperation between Dongguan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Grid Corporation and NEPRAC, passed the internal ex-works inspection for acceptance. The acceptance personnel has made comprehensive inspections and testing to the system according to the Specifications of Commissioning and Acceptance for Substation Automation System. The testing contents mainly consist of inspections of the hardware of the panel and cabinet, testing and inspections of status inputs, analog inputs, remote control, system performances, system stability, etc. The integrates automation system has passed testing and inspections with one stroke. 

After discussions, the acceptance personnel considered that the results of inspection and testing for acceptance had satisfied with the technical agreement and other relevant requirements and agreed the system to pass the ex-works inspection for acceptance.


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