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ISO9001-2000 Quality System is operated in all departments of the Company continuously and effective
Click:    Date£º2007-04-19

NEPRAC established the quality management system in 2001, and the system was examined and verified by Huaxia Identification Center at the beginning of 2003, and was certified with ISO9001£­2000 Quality Management System in March, 2003. 

The system documents have been divided into tree levels, the first level consists of the quality manuals, the second level consists of the procedure documents and the third level consists of the work manuals (including the operation instructions). All of them are issued on March 1, 2003, and was put into effect for implementation as from March 15, 2003. The 3-level documents have constituted a comprehensive and deepened quality management system. Each department shall strictly implement the quality management according to the provisions of the documents and be subject to the internal audit of the quality system to perfect the implementation process continuously. At present, the system is under modification of the documents, and shall be subject to re-examination and audit by Huaxia Identification Center in June, 2006. 

Since the establishment of the quality management system, the documents have been subjected to the modifications made several times, its management strength and the implementation strength have been improved continuously, and thus the quality management is allow to be implemented exactly in the actual work of each department. 

The quality management system is one of the basic guarantees for the long-term development of our Company. It has already become the normalized behaviors of the whole working staff of the Country to take conscientiously the documents of the quality management system as the bases and rules to make communications of intentions and unify the actions. The quality system shall be ensured to operate continuously and effectively in this way. 


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